Gifting Thoughtfully This Holiday Season

Gift giving is kind of like a sport to me. I love the challenge of finding a unique gift for someone and seeing the look on their face when they can tell you went above and beyond to find it for them. If you’ve got a long holiday shopping list this year, it might seem daunting to take this approach for everyone – I get it. But if your list is on the shorter side, consider gifting them something more personalized. Here’s my tips on how to give thoughtful gifts this holiday season.

Pay attention to their activities

If you’re close with someone this tip may seem like a given, but it’s easy to get lost in our own day-to-day lives to pay attention to what someone else enjoys doing. Take note of what your loved ones like to do and follow that inspiration route. If the person in question likes to do yoga, give them a personalized mat with their favorite saying or initials engraved (tip: most places offer free engraving or personalization for items like this with purchase). If they enjoy drawing, get one of their pieces framed. When you can add to a passion they already enjoy, the gift will mean that much more. It’s thoughtful and will actually be used over and over again. 

Give them something that can’t be bought

The holidays aren’t always the best time of year for some people and it’s important to remember those around us that are going through a rough time. If you’ve got a friend or family member that could use a helping hand, give them your time rather than a gift. Take them to lunch if they haven’t been out to eat in a while. Watch their kids if they need some time to themselves. Give them your undivided attention – we could all use some quality human interaction.

You could also take someone with you to volunteer your time. Sit with the elderly who are alone during the holidays at a nursing home or serve meals at a soup kitchen. Whatever the situation, showing that you care speaks volumes compared to giving a gift card.

Gift them an experience

As I get older, it’s harder to tell people what I want for Christmas that I can’t just buy myself (I know, a quality problem). I’d rather spend my money on experiences and share them with the people I love most. If you’ve got someone like that on your list, give them an experience you can share together. Take a painting class together. Take a road trip together. Contribute to their savings fund for a vacation. Gifting an experience goes beyond Christmas day and creates memories they can cherish or memories you can share together.


I would love to hear your favorite thoughtful gift ideas and what you’ve done in the past to make someone’s gifting experience extra special.

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