March 2019 Playlist

I’ll be honest with you all and say I haven’t done my due diligence in the search for new music this past month. But just when I was about to move on and post a different blog, the playlist gods at Spotify came through with a list of great new songs. Of course, I’ve got a few old ones sprinkled in there too like my man George Harrison and queen Diana Ross.

As the weather is changing so is my gravitation towards more upbeat music. I need music that I can listen to with the windows down or splitting a bottle of wine at the park with a friend (please tell me you do this too). You know what I mean? It’s time to welcome in the Jenny Lewis’ and Lizzo’s of the world.

Do you all like these monthly playlists? I’d love to hear your feedback. I know these posts don’t get a ton of traction, but I enjoyย  making them so I’ll continue to do so as long as it makes me happy. Anyway, here’s the playlist you came here to find. Hope you enjoy!

March 2019 Playlist

  1. “I’m Coming Out” – Diana Ross
  2. “Letting Go” – Elephant Path
  3. “Might” – Elephant Path
  4. “Mountains” – Elephant Path
  5. “Glamorous” – Fergie, Ludacris
  6. “Comeback Kid” – Sharon Van Etten
  7. “December (45 Version)” – Collective Soul
  8. “Not in Love We’re Just High” – Unknown Mortal Orchestra
  9. “Back to Life (However Do You Need Me)” – Soul II Soul, Caron Wheeler
  10. “Binz” – Solange
  11. “III Wind” – Radiohead
  12. “Better for Me” – Fake Laugh
  13. “Age of Consent” – Justice Der
  14. “Everybody Wants to Rule The World” – Weezer
  15. “Take On Me” – Weezer
  16. “Mr. Blue Sky” – Weezer
  17. “Blow Away” – George Harrison
  18. “Sunflower feat. Steve Lacy” – Vampire Weekend, Steve Lacy
  19. “Red Bull & Hennessy” – Jenny Lewis
  20. “Nobody” – Mac DeMarco

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