8 Instagrammable Louisville Locations You Have to Visit

Did you know Louisville has the second largest collection of cast-iron building facades outside of the SoHo district in New York City? I didn’t know either, but I do know downtown is one of Louisville’s most Instagrammable locations to visit.

Louisville, KY boasts a mix of new and old architecture, vibrant mural walls, and diverse neighborhoods posing as the perfect backdrops for your next Instagram picture. Finding new locations around the city is half the fun of photography.

This is by no means a comprehensive list of the most Instagram-worthy locations around Louisville. In fact, it doesn’t even scratch the surface. My best tip to find your own favorite Louisville photo hot spot is to get out of the car and walk around. You’ll be amazed at the details you notice up close and personal rather than out of the window of your car.

Eight Instagrammable Louisville locations you have to visit.



#1: Louisville Free Public Library – Downtown

Louisville residents are lucky to have accessible library locations around town, but the Louisville Free Public Library downtown on York St. is the crown jewel.

The library is split into two buildings: the South Building was constructed in 1906 and the North Building was constructed in 1969. The South Building is pictured above with huge marble wall slabs and matching floors, handprinted murals, and an ornate stained glass design on the ceiling. It’s the perfect location if you’re feeling fancy and want to check out a book at the same time.

How go get the best Instagram picture:

The library is a central figure of downtown Louisville, so it’s typically pretty busy. But it’s a free and open space to everyone, so you don’t have to worry about buying your way in or waiting in line. Pick a marble corner and have at it, just don’t be too loud.


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#2: NuLu Neighborhood

The NuLu neighborhood on E. Market St. is an Instagram playground. Each block is lined with independent small businesses and colorful walls. It’s like they’re asking you to come take a picture with their storefronts. Pick up an Acai bowl at Lueberry or an ice cream sundae at Louisville Cream and use them both as props to make it even more Instagram-worthy.

How to get the best Instagram picture:

You really can’t go wrong in NuLu. There’s not a bad location to take an Instagram, but there are a lot of people, especially on the weekends. Your best chance at getting a picture without stopping a traffic of people is to go during the day Monday – Friday if possible. Most businesses in NuLu are closed on Monday, so grab your shot then for maximum time and space.

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#3: Please & Thank You Coffee – Floyd St.

Louisville is a city that loves its local coffee. The owners of Please & Thank You love coffee and interiors and the two together create Instagram photo op dreams. Each of their locations have a mid-century modern design overflowing with live plants and black and white stripes. They also sell vinyl records! This photo is from their Floyd St. location downtown. Let’s just say I went in there to get a chai latte and left an hour later. Each wall is designed to fit everyone’s individual design aesthetic.

How to get the best Instagram picture:

The Floyd St. location is fairly empty on the weekends. Stop in there to get uninterrupted snaps for days! The other locations on E. Market St. and Frankfort Ave. are busier every day of the week, especially on weekends. If you don’t mind posing in front of strangers, try out all three locations. You won’t be disappointed at any of them.



#4: Crescent Hill Reservoir

The Crescent Hill Reservoir is a historic site built by the Louisville Water Company. The massive reservoir of water has been turned into a park of sorts with an original Gothic-style gatehouse and walking path around the perimeter. The detailed design work of the staircase and iron black gate leading up to the stone Gatehouse are great backdrops if you’re looking for more of an industrial look. It doesn’t sound like an Instagram destination, but trust me, it’s worth making a trip.

How to get the best Instagram picture:

The track around the reservoir is packed with walkers and runners all year round. As long as you can stay out of their way, the reservoir is beautiful from all angles. Try visiting at sunset. The warmth of the orange and yellow tones pairs well against the white stone.


#5: Downtown Louisville

Remember the mix of architecture styles I was talking about? Downtown Louisville is the place to find all of them. Visit Whiskey Row on Main St. for cast iron buildings and revived distilleries like Old Forester or head further down to Old Louisville to see blocks and blocks of old Victorian homes in their original form. This picture was taken at the Gateway Garden at the Frazier Kentucky History Museum across from the famous Louisville Slugger Museum.

I happened upon this open garden space in the fall and fell in love. It’s a two story urban garden space sandwiched between two buildings with tons of live greenery. It overlooks Main St., making it a unique spot to capture a picture of downtown as your backdrop.

How to get the best Instagram picture:

The Gateway Garden is open seven days a week and free to the public. Check the museum’s event schedule to make sure nothing is booked when you plan to visit. Otherwise, it’s a wide enough space to get as many pictures as you want without bumping into other visitors.



#6: The Pointe

For clean white walls and natural light visit The Pointe in Butchertown. The Pointe is an event space for weddings and other social functions, but it’s also a prime location for snapping Instagram photos. The high ceilings and exposed brick around the entire building is a photographer’s paradise. Find all your best angles at The Pointe.

How to get the best Instagram picture:

Since The Pointe is technically an event space, be sure not to intrude on anyone. On the rare occasion there’s not an event on the weekend, the building doors are usually open and the space is empty. Explore the space without braving the elements outside while still reaping the benefits of all the natural light you could want.

naive restaurant louisville kentucky

eat naive restaurant louisville

#7: Naive Restaurant

I’ve raved about this restaurant in a previous blog post, but it bears repeating. Naive restaurant in Butchertown is, in every sense of the phrase, an Instagram dream. The minimalist decor is delicately planned to match the simplicity of the dishes. Seriously, when you walk in you’ll be taken aback at how beautiful everything looks together. Go for the food, stay for the interiors.

How to get the best Instagram picture:

Every corner of Naive is situated to be your best Instagram picture. They’re open every day except Monday, so you have plenty of time to grab breakfast, lunch, or dinner and snap a few pictures. Also, don’t skimp on the outside of the restaurant. It has a hidden message built into the wood design.



#8: 21C Museum Hotel

21C Museum Hotel quickly became a Louisville tourist staple and for good reason. With it’s ginormous gold replica statue of David out front, it’s literally impossible to miss on Main St. 21C is an art museum, hotel, and restaurant. As you can imagine, the design inside is adorned with rotating art pieces and interactive installations.

The picture above is from their famous Text Rain interactive installation in which visitors use their bodies to life and play with falling letters. It’s so much fun and a place that many people visit to get the next best Instagram.

How to get the best Instagram picture:

21C Museum is open 24/7 and free to the public. The museum staff is used to visitors taking pictures inside the museum, so don’t be afraid to get out your phone. If it works for your audience, snap a cheeky photo with the statue of David out front.

What are your favorite Instagrammable spots in Louisville? Share them with me in the comments or tag me on Instagram @averywalts. 


8 Instagrammable Louisville Locations You Have to Visit

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