Best Comfort Foods in Louisville

I don’t know about you all, but as soon as the temperature drops below 50 degrees I crave anything and everything warm and cozy. This includes food, thick socks, and more than enough nights on the couch surrounded by blankets. Oh, also my mom’s potato soup. Can’t say enough good things about that classic staple.

Unfortunately for me, I don’t live with my parents anymore, so homemade comfort foods are hard to come by. Fortunately, Louisville has tons of great warm and cozy food options. And with the invention of food delivery, there’s really no reason to even leave the house. Bingo! Here are my top picks for the best comfort foods in Louisville.

Yellow Curry: Simply Thai

323 Wallace Ave. or 12003 Shelbyville Rd. Ste. 40243

Louisville, KY

If you’re craving something with a soup consistency, but want a little extra something the yellow curry from Simply Thai is your answer. The coconut milk is what really makes this traditional Thai dish, giving it an even creamier taste than a soup broth. Loaded with your choice of vegetables, chicken, or tofu on top of a bed of jasmine rice, the yellow curry will warm your soul instantly. Choose your level of spice and dig in to this alternative comfort food.

Pretzel and Beer Cheese: Crescent Hill Craft House

2636 Frankfort Ave.

Louisville, KY

crescent hill craft house

Now, I know pretzels and beer cheese are a dime a dozen in Louisville, but Crescent Hill Craft House have really nailed it with this appetizer. It may not sound like much, but the house made pretzel and cheese infused with Bluegrass Brewing Company Amber Ale is sinfully good. The dough is soft all the way through and pulls apart with such ease that make other pretzel sticks seem boring. 

crescent hill craft house hot brown
So this isn’t pretzel and beer cheese, but their Hot Brown at brunch is just as delicious.

Vegetarian Enchiladas: Guaca Mole

9921 Ormsby Station Road

Louisville, KY

guaca mole vegetarian enchiladas

This is hands down the best Mexican food I have EVER had. Roasted veggies ooze out of  three perfectly soft shells, smothered in queso and Mexican crema. It’s warm and fresh and nowhere near tastes like your average Tex-Mex enchilada. To have the full Guaca Mole experience get an order of the Yucateco guacamole- grilled corn, roasted poblano peppers, and red pickled onions served with plantain chips for dipping. It will change your life.

Cottage Pie: The Irish Rover

2319 Frankfort Ave.

Louisville, KY


irish-rover-franfort-avenue-louisvilleIf you’re craving something wholesome, but don’t want the usual chicken and potatoes, try a classic Irish cottage pie from The Irish Rover. This massive dish could easily be split for two, but let’s be real, you can handle this. Homemade beef stew is poured inside a bread bowl and covered with mashed potatoes and cheese. It’s indulgence at it’s finest and worth every last calorie.

Pull that blanket on, turn on your favorite episode of Broad City, and lay into that pie.

Meatloaf Sandwich: Hilltop Tavern

1800 Frankfort Ave.

Louisville, KY


hilltop-tavern-frankfort-avenueYour mom’s hearty dinner, but on Texas toast with provolone cheese. It’s greasy, it’s savory, it’s huge, and it’s DELICIOUS. Pair it with their creamy mac ’n cheese (ask if they can make it with West Sixth amber ale) and you’re set for the perfect sweatpants party. One of the best parts of Hilltop Tavern, besides the funky animal murals outside, is that everything is budget-friendly. This whole meal will cost you $11 before tip.


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