New Finds: Naive Restaurant

[I wrote this post during their spring menu series. Check out their summer menu here]

If aesthetics is your thing, Naive restaurant in Butchertown is the place of visual dreams.

My jaw hit the floor when I walked into this place. It’s a mid-century modern paradise disguised as a restaurant nestled on the corner of East Washington Street. Everything from the floor tiles to the pillows is perfectly coordinated in subtle hues of blues, greens, and pinks, accented by succulents and plants, of course.

I was so distracted by the beauty of it all that I didn’t realize you order your food at a register to the right of the entrance in front of the open concept kitchen. Naive is a fast casual dining experience specializing in local and fresh cuisine. The menu caters to diets of all types, including vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free – a big win in my book.

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I’m so used to going to restaurants that are dominated by meat dishes that it was refreshing, and overwhelming, to choose which vegetarian dish I wanted off the menu. A quality problem.

The Curry Bowl was rich and hearty without feeling too heavy once I cleared my plate. The pineapple accents were a surprising bit of sweetness against the sweet potatoes. My boyfriend got the Spring Pea Alfredo, my second choice. If you didn’t know it was vegan you wouldn’t know the difference. It was still super creamy and fresh as a regular alfredo would be.

Also, don’t skimp out on the cocktails. Each cocktail features at least one fresh or in-house made component, and the names are catchy too, like the Sexy Elvis and Green Queen. I got the Butchertown Donkey: Four Roses, strawberry rhubarb shrub, grapefruit bitters, ginger beer. At $12 it was light, refreshing, and heavy-handed on the bourbon. For a pour like that you can’t be too mad at the price.

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Naive also pride themselves on using recyclable materials and composting waste. Everything that’s used and made is created with the intent to be eco-friendly. It’s nice to finally have a restaurant in Louisville that’s healthy, fresh, and fast, and just so happens to be in my neighborhood.

You can visit Naive at 1001 E. Washington St. in Louisville from 11am – 11pm Tuesday- Friday and 10am – 11pm on Saturday and Sunday. Catch them for brunch on the weekends from 10am- 4pm.

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