New Finds: North Lime Coffee & Donuts

There’s a new donut shop in town, and they go by the name of North Lime.Β The newest coffee and donut shop opened it’s big green doors in Old Louisville.

As I was scrolling Instagram this morning at 9 a.m. on a Saturday morning (don’t you love still waking up early on a Saturday after a week of early alarms), I saw the daily donut special pop up on my feed: Strawberry Nutella. It’s all I needed to hop out of bed, throw on yesterday’s clothes, and drive across town to grab one before it was gone.

Whenever I drive downtown I always anticipate driving in circles to find a parking space, but the streets alongside North Lime, located at 1128 S 7th St., had ample parking. The trip was already off to a great start.


After I opened the giant green doors I was welcomed into an open and airy renovated space. With the sun shining and the espresso machine steaming, all felt right in the world and my unintentional early wakeup call was forgiven. Original brick and wood beams line the walls and ceilings, while hanging Edison bulbs dangle against the bright natural light.


The espresso and speciality drink options dominate the giant chalkboard menu. Although I don’t drink coffee (I know, how do I function?), everything looked so enticing. They created a coffee blend exclusive to the store with local roaster Good Folks Coffee. I love a good local crossover.

The small donut section at the bottom houses seven donut options:

  • Plain Glazed – $1.00
  • Chocolate Iced – $1.35
  • Cinnamon Sugar – $1.35
  • Funnel Cake – $1.35
  • Funkfetti – $1.95
  • Cinna Monkey – $1.10
  • Daily Special – price varies

A dozen classic Plain Glazed donuts will set you back $10 and a dozen half glazed, half Chocolate Iced will cost you $13.

I got a chocolate iced and two of the daily/monthly specials – Strawberry Nutella and Blueberry Cake. For whatever reason I completely overlooked the classics like Glazed and Cinnamon Sugar and went straight for the standouts. I blame my expectation for crazy flavors on Instagram and Hi-Five Doughnuts.


The Chocolate Iced was delicious and the icing was still wet when I got it home. Each donut, though, had a thick consistency. It’s not the fluffy, light donut you expect to bite into. The Strawberry Nutella didn’t have much of a flavor of either and was kind of crunchy. Maybe it had been sitting out too long. The Blueberry Cake was also a little crunchy, but had more flavor than the Strawberry Nutella.

Overall, I would stick to the classic flavors at North Lime. It seems to be their bread and butter. You can’t beat the price compared to other craft donut shops around town. A dozen at other places will cost you the price of dinner for two.

If you want huge, speciality donuts with crazy flavors go to Hi-Five. If you want classic donuts at a fair price head to North Lime.

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