6 Neutral Summer Basics You Need Right Now

I hate to sound cliche, but can you believe it’s already the end of May? Time flies when you’ve got a million things going on.

As much as I love layering in the fall and winter, there’s something about throwing on a pair of shorts and sandals and heading out the door that’s so satisfying. Summer weather is here and that means denim shorts, linen dresses, and too many sandals to count.

You all know I love a neutral wardrobe palette and my summer wardrobe is no different. As much as I want to wear a yellow sundress everyday, my heart can’t give up a black one instead. In today’s post I want to talk about a few neutral summer basics everyone can work into their closets.

Front Tie Tank

A little black tank is a must for summer. It’s a versatile piece you can pair with almost anything, from denim shorts to midi skirts. This Madewell front tie tank puts a spin on a plain black tank with the button detail down the middle and a flattering tie front.

madewell black tank top

summer basics black tank topThis top was a steal at just $25. Especially for Madewell. They’re my favorite retailer, but rarely do I ever buy anything. I can’t justify casually spending $80 on a top. But this was well worth the purchase. It’s easy to throw on with a pair of boyfriend jeans, shorts, or a skirt. It also comes in a pretty oatmeal and ivory color that would look great as a monochrome look or paired with a color bottom piece.

Classic Denim Shorts

This post wouldn’t feel complete without talking about a good ‘ol pair of denim shorts. Denim shorts go with summer like a drink by the pool. They’re easily my most worn item throughout the summer months. Getting the perfect pair, however, is found through much trial and error.

the best denim shorts for summer
Left: Old Navy // Middle: Everlane // Right: Old Navy 

Most denim shorts are either too tight or too short, or worse: both! It’s making me uncomfortable just thinking about that combination. I’m not out here trying to show the bottom of my butt for the sake of an old pair of Levi’s 501 cutoffs. No. I’m looking for a pair of loose, 3-4 inch denim shorts that fit just right.

Old Navy has been my go-to for denim shorts the past few summers. Their Boyfriend Fit shorts give me that perfectly loose, yet still snug fit. And they typically come in an array of washes and lengths, so there’s a fit for everyone.

Linen Jumpsuit

Is there a better material for summer than linen? Even though she gets wrinkled after 0.5 seconds, we still love her anyway for letting us all breathe in the humidity. I recently added a linen jumpsuit to my summer wardrobe, and I think I’m in love.

who what wear jumpsuit green

who what wear collection target green

This Who What Wear Green Wide Leg Jumpsuit from Target made it’s way into the mix a few weeks ago and has served me well so far. It’s easy to move around in, not too heavy, and casual enough to run around in or dress up for a nice dinner. I can’t believe it took me this long to add linen to my wardrobe, but I’m never looking back.

Oh, and yes, you read that correctly. It’s green! I wore green. Not black, not white. Green. Baby steps, ya’ll.

Leather Sandals

You can never have too many summer sandals. And if you’re anything like me, you wear them nonstop May-August, so they’ve gotta be made to last. I like to opt for a sturdier material in sandals rather than a thin flip flop that falls apart easily.

A few summers ago I invested in a pair of brown Steve Madden sandals that are still going strong today. I typically wouldn’t spend $60 on every pair of sandals, purely because there’s not much material there, but I knew I would get a lot of wear out of these. They’re made extremely well and pair beautifully with every neutral look.

Target is also another great option for well made, on trend, and affordable leather sandals. This year’s range is no exception. I got these black slide sandals the other day when I realized I didn’t have a pair of plain black leather sandals. As you can guess from the name, they’re easy to slide on and off, yet feel more sustainable than a cheap pair of flip flops.


Tweak your winter LBD into a summer LWD, or little white dress. White dresses in the summer shout “SUMMER” from the rooftops don’t they?! There’s something so sweet and classic about them.

little white dress ASOS summer
ASOS: Left // Middle // Right 

I don’t have one in my summer wardrobe yet, but it’s definitely on my shopping list. I tend to shy away from an all white outfit like a white dress because I’m so pale, but I absolutely love the look of it. So guess what world? You’re gonna get Avery in a white dress, pale legs and all.

You can tell by these ASOS options that I’m into tortoise shell buttons and collars this summer. It’s a great twist on a simple white dress, and in a way, makes it less girly, which I’m all about.

Woven Straw Bag

Straw bags made a big splash last summer and they’re here again to stay. I couldn’t help but join in on the bandwagon and I cannot.get.enough. This Round Rattan Crossbody bag from Francesca’s hasn’t left my side. It pairs well with everything I’ve listed in this post and then some.

woven straw bag francescas

It was hard at first to adjust to a smaller bag, but it forced me to minimize what I carry around. My shoulders are thanking me now. The leather strap on this bag is surprisingly sturdy, although I still wouldn’t pack too much into a straw or rattan bag so as not to bend it’s shape or break the connecting clasp.

Straw bags teleport you to a tropical vacation no matter where you are. They’re fun, easy, and take any outfit up a notch.

What are your favorite basics for summer? I’d love to know where you love to purchase your essentials and how you like to style them.

14 thoughts on “6 Neutral Summer Basics You Need Right Now

  1. I got my tie tanks and leather Sandals down, but can’t find a good pair of denim shorts that I like 🙁

    1. Old Navy always have great options. Target has a few great options as well right now. Have you tried ASOS.com? They usually have all kinds of styles, washes, and sizes.

  2. Great list! I love the jumpsuit and am planning on checking out the straw bag at Francesca’s today. It looks just like a much more expensive one that shows up on social media all the time!

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