How to Style Plaid Pants – 3 Easy Ways

Happy Thursday everyone! How are we all? The past few days this week have been a tease to spring weather, which had me in the mood for lighter layers and a bit of skin. As much as I love fall/winter fashion, I’m ready for warmer temperatures and evenings of sun with a beer in my hand.

I want to share with you these black plaid pants from Target I found that are going to be the perfect transition piece into spring. Now, you might be thinking, “But Avery, black is not a bright spring color,” and you’re right. But black clothing is my friend and doesn’t recognize the difference in season. I love these cropped pants because you can easily dress them up or down and wear them with sandals as the weather gets warmer. You could also wear a bright hot pink, baby blue, or yellow top to bring in the spring tones.

Here are three easy ways to style black plaid pants


high waisted black plaid pants target

black plaid pants how to wear Like I said, black is my friend. So naturally I opted for an all black look as option number one. And honestly I think it might be my favorite. I love how pairing these pants with a black top creates a streamlined and effortless look. The fit of the black plaid pant sits right at the belly button and is fairly loose through the hips. The fabric has the feel of a work pant, but these are casual enough to wear on the weekends or dress up for the office.


Throw on a camel coat, blazer, or sweater for a little more color. Camel and black is up there with one of my favorite color combinations. It instantly creates an effortless chic, cool-girl look. At least that’s what I’m telling myself. And I can’t get too much farther into this post without talking about these red heels. You’re going to see a lot of them on the blog this year. I’m obsessed! They’re also from Target and come in grey as well. The small block heel make them the ideal shoe to throw on when you want to look a little fancier without sacrificing comfort. I’m all about comfort.


target black plaid pants

Denim and black is another one of my favorite color combinations. There’s just something about blue denim on black that makes me feel like I’ve got my shit together. This look would be easy to throw on for a day of errands or a casual brunch on the weekend. You can’t go wrong with a simple white t-shirt under a denim jacket. Pack on some gold accessories, and of course, a pop of color with red shoes, and you’ve got a fashionable outfit in no time.

Black plaid pants would also look pretty with a chambray shirt. Or combine the monochrome and denim looks into one with a black denim jacket. The possibilities are endless, but will always turn out great as long as denim and black is involved.


how to wear plaid pants

how to style high waisted plaid pantsI love a good band t-shirt. Especially if it’s a vintage looking, or better yet, an actual vintage band t-shirt. By the way, if you know of an online vintage shop that sells band merch let me know in the comments. Pairing this Beatles tee with black plaid pants is another way to make a casual, effortless look. Pop a jean or leather jacket on top for another layer if the weather is brisk. Admittedly, I think a minimalist graphic tee would look best with these pants so it doesn’t clash too much with the plaid print. But you do you. I love how a band t-shirt immediately relaxes the pants to create the ultimate comfort, yet stylish look. I would even wear this with white converse or white vans if you have them. Why didn’t I think of this during the shoot?

How would you style plaid pants? Let me know in the comments or head on over to my Instagram to let me know what you’d do differently. I’m excited to bring these ideas into spring and experiment even more.



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