Styling a Sweater Dress 3 Ways

Raise your hand if a sweater has ever done you wrong in the past. I’m guessing the majority of you aren’t raising your hands and I’m right there with you. Sweater dresses on the other hand, well, that’s a different story.

The concept is great – a cozy sweater, but all the way to your knees. Essentially a blanket you can wear in public. 

However, some people think it’s okay to make sweater dresses in a body-con style to show every nook and cranny. If you’re into that look, more power to you. I, on the other hand, want no part and have found it hard to find a cozy sweater dress that doesn’t stick to me like a glove.

Until I spontaneously walked into Marshall’s the other day and spotted a gray turtleneck knee-length dress that looked just roomy enough. I bought it without much thought and hoped it would fit the bill.

I got home, pulled it over my head, looked in the mirror and exhaled with excitement. This is the one! It’s not too tight, but not too loose, and fits in all the right places. And it’s soft. What more could you ask for?


The great thing about sweater dresses is their versatility. They can easily be dressed up or down to fit any occasion. I grabbed an old ASOS western belt that was popular a few seasons back. I didn’t get much wear out of it at the time, but I think it adds a little edge to this dress which I love. It cinches this otherwise straight up and down silhouette to accentuate my waistline in the right place. Belts can completely transform dresses like this. Use them to your advantage.

This camel cape from TopShop is also popular from a few seasons back, but I never took advantage of the trend. My mom called recently and asked if I wanted this never-been-worn cape originally from TopShop at a consignment store across the river in Indiana, and I jumped at the chance. A brand new outerwear piece at not a brand new price. Capes instantly add a hint of elegance to an outfit without trying too hard.

I like the mix of black, camel, and gray in this outfit. Neutrals are my jam, so this combination was a no-brainer. I love the gold accents on the buttons. I wear almost nothing but gold jewelry, so the gold and camel of this cape makes a nice complement. It hits just above the hem of this dress, so it’s almost a good match in terms of length. It would also look great with a velvet mini skirt this fall/winter to create a clean silhouette (or this black tortoise shell button skirt).

I can’t wait to play around more with this dress. Let me know your favorite ways to style a sweater dress in the comments.

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