My Top Picks for Everyday Gold Jewelry

I like to think of jewelry as the finishing touch on an outfit. It’s the gold stack of rings or layered set of necklaces over a simple t-shirt that takes an outfit from good enough to just right. Dainty gold jewelry especially adds that element of polish without acting over the top. Trust me, I love a good piece of costume jewelry or statement earring every now and then, but everyday gold jewelry is timeless. 

My collection of everyday gold jewelry started with a pair of hoops. $10 from Old Navy. I wore those hoops every chance I could. Slowly but surely I started to swap out silver chain necklaces for gold chains, and statement rings for simple gold bands. It was a blossoming love affair that I still can’t get enough of. Minimalist gold jewelry is now my happy place. 

Not only did I make these changes as my style evolved, but with more of a purpose. How many outfits could I wear this necklace with? Will I still like these earrings in a year or two? I don’t like to have a lot of jewelry. It might sound silly to some, but choice overwhelms me. And if I’m going to spend a little more on a piece I want to be sure it’s a good investment.  

My journey into the fine gold jewelry world is still relatively new, but there’s a few brands out there I’ve come to love. Here’s my top picks of minimal jewelry for everyday wear. 

The Top Everyday Gold Jewelry Brands


Missoma is the go-to minimalist gold jewelry brand for bloggers in the UK. A few years back all my favorite British bloggers shouted their praises and I quickly took note.  Missoma shines with their sets, especially the necklaces. Pair a few of their chains or chokers together and you instantly reach that effortless cool girl vibe. 

I’ve had the Gold Leaf choker for a few years now and wear it almost everyday. It sits beautifully over top a t-shirt or peaking out under a button down shirt. And it’s more beautiful layered with their classic Roman Arc Coin necklace.  Shop both below. 


Mejuri is what I like to think of as the American counterpart to Missoma. Equally as beautiful, dainty, and well-priced for the quality. Mejuri have sent me a few pieces in the past, but I know I would have gravitated toward them organically eventually. Mejuri jewelry is all ethically sourced and made, so you can both look and feel good wearing it. 

I’ve had the pleasure of wearing the Charlotte Hoops, the Dome Ring, and the Boyfriend Necklace. And whenever we’re able to travel again, their leather jewelry case is a must. It’s perfectly-sized to fit your essentials and available in three neutral shades. I can’t wait to use mine. 

mejuri jewelry case

Ana Luisa

Ana Luisa is another ethically sourced jewelry brand circling Instagram right now. Their prices linger around some of the lower-price items from Mejuri, but don’t touch their higher-priced pieces. Also unlike, Mejuri, Ana Luisa play around with gems and colors a bit more. Think blues and emeralds. 

I haven’t purchased anything from Ana Luisa, but it’s a fine jewelry brand on my radar. Here’s my top picks. 

ana luisa gold jewelry

Local Eclectic 

The mission behind Local Electic is something to get behind. The female-founded brand sources jewelry from independent female designers around the globe and sells them in one place on Local Eclectic. How cool is that? Shop everything from vintage finds, to birthstones, and engagement rings. You can browse the site by category or view collections from different designers. 

The prices range greatly because customers can buy genuine diamonds and gold, or opt for costume jewelry under $50. There’s truly something for everyone. Here’s my top picks. 

local eclectic gold jewelry


The tagline on Nuri’s homepage reads, “Someone has to supply the family heirlooms.” Timeless designs is exactly what founder Brooke has been creating for the brand since 2019. The gold and silver jewelry is either handmade or sourced in the U.S., something you won’t find at larger retailers. 

I haven’t bought anything from Nuri yet, but have a friend that absolutely loves the brand. Here’s my top picks. 

nuri gold jewelry


Another great place to shop dainty gold jewelry is Etsy. Maybe it’s just me, but Etsy isn’t the first place I think to shop for jewelry. However, its chocked full of makers selling all kinds of gold pieces. 

Have a pendant but want a different chain? Etsy. Want a personalized gold necklace? Etsy. It’s a great marketplace to find something one of a kind. Thoughtful and personalized gifts are always the best anyway. 


Although Madewell is my favorite clothing brand, they also have a great selection of gold jewelry as well. A pair of my most worn little gold hoops are from Madewell, and have held up surprisingly well for the lower price point. Madewell’s jewelry selection follows the trends like the other retailers mentioned, but at a price point that’s accessible for everyone. If their clothes and accessories aren’t in your monthly budget, you can still score style points in their jewelry department. 

Here’s some of my top current picks. 

madewell gold jewelry

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